Transition Events

Transition events – 2018


Key staff:

Richard Woods (RW) – Headteacher

Sarah Welsh (SLW) – Deputy Headteacher

Adam O’Neill (AJO) – Director of Transition and Progression

Danielle Whitaker (DJW) – Transition and Provision Manager

Scott Delves-Holmes (SWH) – SENDCO

Karen Turner (KT) – Director of the Additional Resourced Centre


  1. Primary school visits – ongoing in Summer Term HT6
  • AJO & DJW to visit ALL new pupils – get to know you task
  • Meet with teachers to discuss new pupils
  • Times to be arranged with individual schools – contact made via email
  • Data collection sheets to be collected at this time. These will be sent to Primaries via email and completed by appropriate staff for collection during the visit (also be found at:
  • Extra visits to Primaries can be arranged depending on needs of pupils (can involve any of aforementioned staff depending on needs e.g. HI/VI, SEN, behavioural)


  1. Information Evening – Thursday 29th March 2018 (5.30-7.30pm)

March once allocations published.  Parents informed on Wednesday 1st March of secondary school places 

  • Evening for the P3, 4, 5 and 20’s (preferences) and for those allocated to Hanson who made no preference
  • This is in anticipation of the historically high numbers of parents/pupils allocated to Hanson who have not visited or did not choose in their top 2
  • Mini Open Evening format with presentations from RW and AJO, departments on show


  1. Small School Presentation Evening – Wednesday 20th June 2018 (5-7pm)
  • Afternoon/Evening for pupils who are coming from smaller Feeder Primaries where there are generally 5 or less coming to Hanson – done prior to the main Induction Evening in July
  • Pupils complete tasks with new Year team (DJW) in groups to get to know other pupils from other smaller feeders
  • Parents invited for refreshments and Q&A session/presentation from AJO


  1. Discovery Sessions – Summer Term
  • Summer term after SATS and Year 11 pupils left
  • Discovery sessions with Science, Technology, Music, Dance, Drama, PE, ICT (potentially more)
  • Primary schools invited in and can ‘sign up’ to these sessions as it fits with their own calendar/timetable


  1. Induction Day and evening – Wednesday 4th July
  • ALL new pupils visit school and follow normal school timetable
  • Pupils arranged into their new forms and meet their form tutors during the day
  • Evening for parents where they can meet their child’s form tutor and key members of staff in school
  • Information given about school systems, expectations, summer school etc


  1. Additional Induction Days – week beginning 2nd July 2018
  • 2 Additional Induction days the same week as the main Induction day focussed on SEN and vulnerable pupils
  • These pupils are identified by Primary schools and Hanson SEN/Wellbeing department
  • Hanson SEN and Wellbeing departments to contact schools from March to assess needs of new cohort and begin planning and transfer of records
  • Additional visits for specific pupils with extra needs e.g. physical difficulties, medical, HI/VI to be arranged as needed


  1. Summer School 
  • 5 week Summer School organised with Inspired Neighbourhoods and the Youth Service
  • Weeks 1 to 4 based in Community settings (Springfield Centre, Greenwood Centre and Ravenscliffe Centre) – aim of preparing pupils for life at secondary school looking at the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Engaging parents before starting at Hanson
  • Residential also included in week 4
  • Week 5 at Hanson with the aim of the majority of Year 7 pupils starting school a ‘week early’ – step up to Secondary School
  • Hanson Staff/teachers deliver lessons to prepare pupils for their start in September – forging relationships with pupils and pupils understanding the demands and expectations at Hanson