KS3 Year Prefects


KS3 Year Prefects



  • You will jointly chair and lead whole school council meetings alongside the KS4 & KS5 Head teams.
  • You will jointly chair and lead the Key Stage 3 Head team meetings.
  • You will ensure that the 11‐16 student voice is represented in key decisions and developments within the school.
  • You will represent the school and student body at a variety of public functions during the academic year, including open evening for Years 7, all Parents Evenings and any other whole school functions.
  • You need to feel confident and comfortable talking to adults and students and have a reputation as an excellent role model who has contributed well to the Hanson School Community since the start of Year 7.
  • You need to have good organisational and communication skills and have a mature and thoughtful outlook.
  • You will mentor the KS3 Form Prefects by supporting them to meet the responsibilities of their role.
  • You will demonstrate commitment to the role throughout the period of office.



Reporting to

The Principal, Mr Woods and key members of the Senior Leadership Team for whole school matters and for general day to day organisation.


Main Duties

  • To support the KS3 Head team in the organisation and planning of termly whole school council meetings.
  • To communicate regularly with KS4 & KS5 Head teams and arrange appropriate tasks/attendance at events between you.
  • To support the Head team in the organisation and planning of regular KS3 meetings.
  • To represent and speak for all students in the school and support and prepare activities that encourages and supports the learning of others.
  • To meet regularly with the KS3 Head Team and delegate duties as and when necessary. In particular, with the Form Prefects, create ways that foster a sense of pride and competitive spirit throughout the school.
  • Be prepared to commit time after school for meetings and other initiatives.
  • To deputise for the Head team when appropriate.
  • To support the work of Form Tutors during P3 in delivering PD, charity themes & other initiatives including the school newsletter.
  • To be internal and external ambassadors for the school and to act as outstanding role models for all students at Hanson School.
  • To give key presentations about the school, for example to prospective parents and students at the Year 7 Open Evening.
  • To greet important visitors to the school.
  • To plan and present at least one assembly to all year groups.
  • To report to the Senior Leadership Team once a term.


Additional Duties

  • To contribute towards the development of a graduation ceremony from KS3 into KS4
  • Identify and contribute ideas towards charity and fund‐raising events
  • Any other duties that may be reasonably called upon to undertake by Senior Members of staff


Personal Qualities

  • Be able to demonstrate the qualities of a good leader
  • Work well in a team
  • Time‐management and very good organisational skills
  • Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to parents and staff
  • Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to students
  • Willingness to get to know the students in the lower years
  • Politeness
  • Maturity
  • Clear judgement
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Role model




  • All current Year 8 students are eligible to apply.