The Department has a dedicated and loyal staff, who build strong relationships with students. We want to help students make sense of a rapidly changing world, with the focus on academic interest, as well as transferable skills, such as decision making, problem solving, and the analysis of sources. Field work features prominently across all year groups, with past trips including Manchester, North Wales, Blackpool, The Chill Factor, France and Italy. 



Hanson Geography Department is department of dedicated, highly qualified professionals. 


Curriculum Leader – Mr E G Lloyd- Also leader of Politics

  • BA Geography & Outdoor Recreation-Bedford College 
  • PGCE Geography and Outdoor Education-Leeds University 



Key Stage 3 leader – Miss E M Hayes  

  • BA Geography- Durham University 
  • PGCE – Sheffield Hallam University



 Geography Teacher – Mr C Bennett 

  • BA Geography- Lancaster University 
  • PGCE Geography and PE- Leeds University 



Geography Teacher- Mr I Ghani 

  • BA in Geography, Bradford University 
  • PGCE – Manchester Metropolitan University 



The department is well resourced with atlases, resource books, and all the typical paraphernalia associated with a Geography Department. There are 4 dedicated Geography classrooms all with projectors, and equipped with 15 laptops in a dedicated trolley. Teachers use a wide range of strategies to ensure all students are included and engaged in the learning, no matter what their social background.  



All students are taught Geography in ability sets across two bands. At KS4 students are entered for Eduqas B GCSE examinations. There are no tiers, so all students could get a grade 9 if they put their mind to it.  


At KS5 we offer both A’ Level Geography and A’ level Politics, including the study of global current affairs.  Students take part in a number of fieldwork opportunities. Teachers have arranged a lunch time club for Key Stage 3 students and on most evenings staff are available to help students with their work, by appointment or invitation. After school revision classes are also timetabled for all Year 11 students in the spring and summer terms.  



The Geography Department has established links with Leeds University’s Engagement Office, and consequently students have the chance to see real world academia. Students enjoy their lessons and are aware of its importance to their education, particularly the transferable skills. Mostly they enjoy the field work opportunities, that are both fun as well as highly educational. The Geography staff pride themselves on knowing their students, and what makes them tick, creating a community of inquisitive minds.