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We are pleased to welcome you to our website in which we will aim to share with you the ethos and vision which underpin our provision of exciting and innovative educational and social opportunities for all our young people.

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Student Zone - CEIAG

If you click on the careers icon you will be able to find information, advice and guidance on the Hanson School careers programme and policy
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Student Zone - Wellbeing

If you click on the Student Wellbeing icon it will provide you with information and advice from external organisations that may be able to support you
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Parent Zone - My Education

If you click on the My Education icon you will be able to obtain up-to-date information about all aspects of your child’s life e.g. attendance, key dates, achievements, school forms etc
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Parent Zone - Parent Pay

If you click on the Parent Pay icon you will be able to pay quickly and securely for school meals, trips and activities, uniforms, music lessons and fees
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If you click on the SMHW icon you will be able to monitor the type and frequency of homework being set for your child, as well as providing them support with the content and meeting of deadlines
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Parent Zone - Parents Evening

If you click on the Parents Evening icon you will be able to book times to see specific staff when consultation evenings are staged throughout the year
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If you click on the FAQs icon you will be able to read answers to the most frequently asked questions about Hanson Academy
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Parent Zone - Staff Contact Details

If you click on the Staff Contacts icon and insert your query or concern, your request will be passed onto the appropriate member of staff
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Top Credit Achievers
(Per Week)

Year 7 – GG in 7G (114)


Year 8 –  II in 8B (149)


Year 9 –  CB in 9D (174)


Year 10 – MG in 10E (80)


Year 11 – HA in 11E (143)


Year 12 – AC in 12F (38)


Year 13 – MH in 13B (35)

Sixth Form Students

Week Ending: 30/11/18

Top Credit Achievers

Year 7 –  SD in 7L (1028)


Year 8 – II in 8B (703)


Year 9 – CH in 9E (700)


Year 10 – SA in 10K (679)


Year 11 – KB in 11E (454)


Year 12 – TH in 12D (257)


Year 13 – MH in 13B (208)

Years 7-11 Students

Student Of The Week


Jack – Year 7

Jack has been trying really hard at school recently with his behaviour and effort in lessons. Jack is a very positive individual that loves to make people smile. He always gives 100% in everything he does. Well done Jack!

Top Form Weekly Attendance

Week Ending 7.12.18

  • Year 7   –   7D (97.8%)
  • Year 8   –   8K (97.2%)
  • Year 9   –   9A (97.6%)
  • Year 10 –   10E (98.3%)
  • Year 11 –   11C (98.4%)
  • Year 12 –   12B (97.4%)
  • Year 13 –   13E (94.6%)

Days Until The First Year 11 Exam:

2019/05/13 00:00:00

Days Until The First Year 13 Exam:

2019/05/13 00:00:00