Uniform Statement

5th November 2014

4 November 2014, 18:00 

Our uniform and dress codes set the tone for our community and provide the scaffolding for high standards in every aspect of school life. To ensure that parents and students were fully aware of the high expectations that we would have this academic year we communicated clearly our expectations with parents and students at the end of the summer term, during the school holidays and at the start of this term; we were clear that we would be diligent with monitoring school uniform. 

We explained that students who arrived to school with a uniform issue that could be resolved would be sent home to rectify and parents would be contacted. As forewarned, some students were sent home today for this reason. We are very grateful for the support of the majority of our parents in ensuring that their child fully complied with our expectations. 

Hanson School is proud of the achievements made over the past couple of years and we continue our drive for excellence. The school has a responsibility to properly prepare our young people for the world of work and this means understanding the appropriate dress required in today’s society. 

On Tuesday 4th November we sent 152 students home, which represents 8% of our whole school community. They were sent home to change and the majority rectified this immediately and returned to school ready to learn. This means that 92% of our school community supports our drive in standards of dress code.

We continue to work closely with parents and carers and we offer additional support to families who are in most need. 

Elizabeth Churton