Hanson Uniform

24th October 2014

Important information for Parents

A school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and sets an appropriate tone and appearance. We want the wearing of our school uniform to instil a sense of pride, support positive behaviour and discipline and encourage a sense of identity and belonging. Furthermore, the wearing of the Hanson Academy uniform ensures equality for students of all races and backgrounds. 

Our school uniform policy, rules and expectations have been designed to be simple, fair and reasonable to parents/carers, students and teaching staff alike. All students are required to wear necessary school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours, unless special permission is granted. 

All teaching staff are expected to and have been instructed to enforce/reinforce the school uniform policy and ensure compliance at all times during the school day whilst students are on school grounds or premises. 

Our school uniform supports effective teaching and learning. It is practical, smart and has been designed with value for money and health and safety in mind. 

We strongly believe that parents have a duty to send their children to school dressed correctly and are ready for their daily school work. We look for and welcome full parental support in this regard and request that all items of school uniform are clean, presentable and in good state of repair for the start of the school day. We strongly suggest all items of clothing are marked with the student’s name so they can be returned in the event of loss. 

From the 4th November, students who come to school wearing incorrect uniform will be sent home to change. 

Full school uniform must be worn at all times during the school day, including breaks and lunchtimes. Any garment worn over the school uniform must be removed on entry to the school building. Baseball caps are not allowed on site. Any other headgear must also be removed on entry to the school building. All items of clothing and accessories must meet the school regulations and must not be fashion garments. All staff have been instructed to be vigilant about enforcing and reinforcing this. 

All students must have the school’s black blazer, with the school badge on the breast pocket and must be worn at all times unless permission is given by a member of teaching staff for it to be removed. Students are not allowed to wear non-regulation clothing under their blazer. A white school shirt must be worn fully buttoned to the neck, along with a correctly positioned school tie. Open necked shirts are unacceptable. Other items of necessary school uniform are black full length tailored school trousers (cargo, combat, lycra, leggings, jean style pants and items made of denim or corduroy are not acceptable). Girls must wear trousers only. Plain black socks must be worn by all students. 

Footwear must be, ideally, flat and all black in colour, including any laces (white or coloured soles/piping/stripes/laces and any printed designs/logos/symbols are not acceptable). Black boots are allowed, but only if worn underneath trousers and meet the above stated criteria. Students must not wear backless shoes, sandals or have heels higher than 2 inches/ 5cms. Any student with medical reasons wishing to wear footwear other than that described above must provide a medical professional’s letter explaining the reason why and for how long the requested footwear change will apply. We regret that a letter from parents/carers is not acceptable under any circumstances. 

Students ARE allowed:

  • 1 pair of plain gold or silver- coloured ear studs or one single stud.
  • A wrist-watch.
  • Hair bands, scrunchies, bobbles and headscarves (khimar) (but they must be plain and simple).
  • Only natural hair colours or appropriately dyed hair in natural colours are permitted. No other dyed colours or streaks are acceptable.
  • Tramlines and shaved head designs are not acceptable (including close cut/ shaved panels of hair anywhere on the head that create any patterns including squares or other shapes such as ‘tails’ or V shapes).
  • Hairstyles which are suitable for the school environment.
  • Hijabs (however, they must be plain black).
  • Long hair, but must be neatly tied back for practical lessons such as Design Technology, PE, dance and science, for health and safety reasons. 

Students are NOT allowed:

  • Facial, body piercings and stretchers on the school premises for health and safety reasons (flesh-coloured retainers are permitted).
  • Outdoor clothing inside the school building at any time.
  • Trainers or pumps (including brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, etc.)

All of the above have been reinforced to students during assemblies and throughout the school day over the last half term. As parents and carers you will have received the following: 

July 2014: Reinforcement of uniform expectations and a letter supporting this

September 2014: Further reinforcement with a supporting letter for those students that have not met expectations

October 2014: Phone calls home, if your child has not met expectations.

As a result of some members of our school community not supporting us, having been given three months to meet basic published expectations, we are now forced to act in the following way:

From the 4th November, students who come to school wearing incorrect uniform will be sent home to correct it. Uniform will be thoroughly checked before entering the school gates and will be refused entrance should it not meet expectations as outlined above. We will endeavour to send a text message informing you that your child has been sent home to correct their uniform.  

You have the responsibility to ensure that your child meets school expectations. With this in mind, please ensure that the school does not have to resort to send your child home to change. You are also responsible for ensuring that your child is safe and is not put in a position where they cannot get in contact with you should they need to.

Can I further remind you that if you drive your child to school, please use the Goals car park entrance to drop them off.