3rd December 2014

‘Monday afternoon, following advice from the emergency services we carried out an emergency evacuation of the building.  The basis for this evacuation led to the Police asking that we hold students until it was felt safe to release them to go home. Due to the nature of the issues, we were unable, at that time, to allow students back into the building to secure any belongings they had left behind and so assisted students this morning to retrieve all their personal belongings before they went to registration. To ensure the security of their personal belongings all rooms were locked overnight.  Any student who has not, as yet, retrieved their belongings can do so via the Student Desk. 

Whilst it is regrettable that the emergency evacuation had to take place our first priority is to student safety. As such it was necessary that we manage all students off the site via one route ensuring that none could re-enter the building or that anyone else could be placed at risk by accessing the site. It was for this reason it was determined that all students had to leave via the front gate, Sutton Avenue, and that the Grove House Gate remain closed.

The schools aims to review its procedures following any emergency incident or evacuation so as to assess opportunities for improvements around the management and communication of incidents’.

Sarah Roberts

Business Manager