Friends of Hanson PTA

15th December 2014

"On Wednesday 3rd December 2014 the first ever 'Friends of Hanson Academy' association meeting was held at the school.  A team of staff, including the Principal, met with 9 members of the local community to discuss all matters relating to the new association.  The meeting was very successful and shows the commitment of the school and members within the community to develop their relationship and move the school forward.  It was decided that the school will host the 'Come Dine with Hanson Dinner' for some members of the local community including parents and the elderly.  Entertainment will including singing and drama performances". 

People wanting to get involved in the 'Friends of Hanson' group can contact the school and leave their details FAO Mr O'Neill. 

The Association will be appointing a chair person, secretary and treasurer in January and now asking people to submit applications for these roles by Friday 9th January at the latest.  Voting will then take place in the first General meeting at the end of January (date to be confirmed).  Job descriptions can be found via this link

To apply: On no more than 1 side of A4 tell us your personal qualities, skills and attributes that you offer in relation to the role and the reasons for wanting to fulfil the role.