The overriding aim of the English curriculum is to foster a love of language and literature in all students and specifically to develop to the full students’ ability to use and understand English.

Our more specific aims are:-

  1. To enable all pupils to reach their potential in English and achieve the highest possible grades in external examinations.
  2.  To develop the ability of all pupils to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts and situations.
  3. To enable students to use accurate Standard English in speech and writing with confidence and fluency.
  4. To develop an interest in the richness of the English language in its various forms (including dialect and accent) and its historical development.
  5. To give pupils experience of a wide range of literature and encourage them to become independent readers with enthusiasm for and curiosity about books.
  6.  To develop knowledge and experience of our literary heritage and to motivate pupils to tackle new challenging texts.
  7.  To encourage pupils to develop an interest in extending the range of their own language in terms of style, vocabulary, structure and form.
  8.  To provoke and stimulate a sense of personal and social awareness and an ability to empathise with others through shared experience of reading, discussion and  role play.
  9.  To encourage pupils awareness of their own achievements; to enable them to develop strategies to bring about improvements in their work.
  10.  To make pupils aware that skills developed in English lessons have a vital contribution to make their work across the whole curriculum and to life outside school, including the workplace.


To ensure the achievement of the aims above we have taken the following measures:

  • Delivering English as two discrete subjects English Language and English Literature from year 7.
  • Rigorously tracking students’ progress.
  • Using early and ongoing intervention to support and challenge students to achieve.
  • Having and sharing high expectations with students at all times.
  • Creating a reading rich curriculum with various levels of reading intervention aimed at improving and extending reading ability.