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Keeping Children Safe
Safeguarding Policy The action we take to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play and we take this very seriously.
Appendix 8 FGM Guidance
Appendix 9 Forced Marriage Guidance
Appendix 12 Channel Terrorism Guidance
Anti-Bullying Charter This charter outlines the importance of bullying prevention and encourage Form Tutors to work with their forms fight against any form of bullying in school.
Anti-Bullying Policy

Care and Control of Students Policy

Care and Control of Students Guidance


Staff guidance in the event of extreme dangerous behaviour and how to ensure everyone keeps safe during this process.
First Aid and Accidents Policy Outlines the systems and procedures around safe management of student medication.
Health and Safety Policy Outlines key systems and procedures to ensure that the school community is safe.
Looked After Children Policy Structures and systems to ensure students under care are well catered for.
No Smoking Policy Outlines key systems and procedures to ensure that the school community is safe and healthy.
Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy Guidance and expectations regarding the use of data in our school community.
Safer Recruitment Policy Systems and procedures to ensure that every staff appointment goes through appropriate checks and vetting before starting work.
Sex and Relationships Policy Outlines the curriculum delivery for sex education at school.
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development policy Outlines the curriculum delivery for SMSC at school to ensure our students are well-rounded and responsible citizens.
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Outlines key systems and procedures to ensure that students who require medication are kept safe and healthy.
Accessibility Plan Outlines our duties for adjustments that need to be made to improve access school services for any stakeholder with a disability, including pupils, staff, parents and carers and any other visitors to school.
Drugs and Substance Use and Misuse Policy Outlines key systems and procedures to ensure that the school community is safe and healthy and free from unauthorised and illegal drugs.
Equality Statement The school’s ethos and key principles and how we will strive to ensure that whatever inclination, aptitude or level of ability, every one of our students is presented with a variety of educational and social opportunities which sensitively challenges and supports each of them to maximise their development.
Student Acceptable use of ICT Policy Outlines how school computer equipment must be treated with both care and respect whilst ensuring safety at all times.
Hanson SEND Policy  
Hanson Managing Diversity Policy  
Hanson Race Equality Policy  
Hanson Racial Harrassment Policy  
Student Medication Policy  
Hanson SMSC Policy  
Hanson Social Media Policy  
Hanson LAC Policy  


School Behaviour
Behaviour Policy  
Behaviour Statement of Principles

Outlines Governors' expectations of the Headteacher in promoting good behaviour

Behaviour Monitoring Tracking System Gives a detailed hierarchal system of how behaviour is managed and monitored within school
Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Outlines the expectations for student attendance and the importance of being present in school

Anti-Bullying Policy

Other Policies
Admissions Policy


Communications Strategy  
Food Policy  
Hanson Home School Agreement  
Pupil Premium Policy  
Charging Policy  
Complaints Policy