The Mathematics Department is a department that strives to offer a well balanced diet of investigational, practical and traditional Mathematics teaching thus providing a worthwhile educational experience for all students. We aim that all pupils in our care, whatever their ability, should experience the pleasure of mathematical success. We believe that pupils need to be given the opportunity to grasp mathematical ideas by relating them to every day life, thus, we aim to make mathematics an integral and useful part of a youngster’s whole experience.

We believe that all students should experience a wide variety of teaching and learning styles in order to ensure that their mathematical experience is as wide and fulfilling as possible. Students at all levels are involved in whole class, group work, individual study, investigational and problem solving activities, practical, mental, aural and oral work. We share best practice and strive to deliver material in ways which help all types of learners learn.

Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and access to the internet. We have a bank of other resources and many practical activities to stimulate kinaesthetic learners.

Information technology is well established in mathematics and students work independently on course related projects.

Subject Leader: Mrs Baty

YEAR 10:

Half Term 1:

Foundation:  Number : Fractions, rounding, approximations and negative numbers

Higher: Number : Prime Factors, Fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion. Geometry: Area and Volume 

Half Term 2:

Foundation: Number : Factors and multiples. Algebra: Expanding brackets and factorising

Higher: Algebra: Expanding brackets, factorising, Solving Quadratics. Geometry: Pythagoras and Trigonometry

Half Term 3:

Foundation: Geometry: Area, Perimeter and volume. Handling Data: Averages, Graphs and charts

Higher: Geometry: Angles in polygons. Number: Surds and Indices Handling Data: Averages

Half Term 4:

Foundation: Geometry: Scale Drawings and bearings. Number. Percentages

Higher: Geometry: Transformations. Algebra: Sequences

Half Term 5:

Foundation: Number: Ratio and Proportion, Algebra: Solving Equations, Geometry: Transformations

Higher: Handling Data: Graphs, charts, histograms. Algebra: Linear and quadratic graphs, formulae and proof

Half Term 6: Consolidation and catch up work.


YEAR 11:

Foundation: Algebra: Graphs of functions, Geometry: Angles and constructions. Handling Data: Probability

Higher: Geometry: Circle Theorems, Trigonometry in non right angled triangles. Handling Data: Probability. Algebra: Inequalities

Half Term 2:

Foundation: Geometry: Circles, Surface Area and Volume, Pythagoras

Higher: Number: Direct/Inverse proportion and Upper and lower bounds. Geometry: Vectors. Algebra: Transformation of graphs

Half Term 3: Mock exams and catch up/consolidation of learning

Half Term 4: Review and revision

Half Term 5: Review and revision

Half Term 6: Review and revision

Revision and past papers