Homework Timetables 2016-17

At Hanson we regard homework as very important. It is set according to the demands of each subject following the homework timetable which is given to every student at the start of the school year.

Why we set homework

Homework is considered to be an integral and necessary part of school work and is a valuable tool in preparation for all external examinations. We believe that the purpose of homework is to allow students to:-

• Complete and reinforce work already studied and begun in class.

• To follow their own chosen lines of inquiry.

• Have the opportunity to prepare work for forthcoming lessons.

• Organise their time effectively and show a pride in their achievements.

Monitoring homework

Homework is monitored in the following ways:-

• Subject staff will write the homework on the board during the lesson (preferably not at the end) so that students can

record it accurately in their journal. If for any reason homework is not be set, e.g. at the end of a unit the students

should be asked to record ‘none set because…..’

• Subject staff will adhere to the published homework timetable.

• Subject staff will carry out checks during lesson time to ensure homework is recorded accurately by students.

• Heads of Department will carry out journal checks to ensure that homework is being set in line with Schemes of

Learning, regularly and according to the published timetables.

• Achievement Mentors carry out journal checks when they ensure homework is being recorded and that the journal is

kept up to date. Achievement Mentors will check and sign journal weekly.

• We encourage comments from parents about homework, via the journal and in students exercise books.

If students wish to complete homework at the end of the day we welcome them to use the open computer area and the school library when there are staff available to help. In addition students in the lower school who find it difficult to complete homework on their own can attend ‘Homework Clubs’ run by the Lead LSAs at lunchtime and after school.

Year 7:

Homework in the Core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Languages will be set weekly from the beginning of the year. Other subjects are introduced each half tern up to Christmas. After Christmas all subjects set weekly homework. Students will be expected to write these subjects into their journals for the entire year so they know what homework is expected and on which day it is to be set.