Welcome to our curriculum area. We are working with all subjects to update this area with the latest curriculum models for every subject in school.

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and personalised to the needs of every learner. We have a 3 year KS3 and 2 year KS4. Students are currently organised through a house system and vertically tutored from Years 7 to 11 during achievement group time. 

Students must arrive at school by 8.08am at the latest. There are ten 30 minute periods (mostly timetabled as five one hour lessons per day). In addition, there is a 20 minute achievement mentor period at the start of each day. House and year group assemblies take place weekly (and timetabled periods in Y12 and 13). We operate a one week timetable cycle.

Within achievement time, there is an enrichment curriculum including literacy initiatives, PSHCE themes, academic, behaviour and attendance monitoring and opportunities to join community activities. We have eighty achievement groups across school (twenty achievement groups per house) ensuring that vertical groups are small and community based. At post 16 we have a team of sixteen dedicated tutors.

The formal day ends at 2.40pm. A range of enrichment activities take place beyond that.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum 
In lower school we concentrate on developing problem solving and independent learning skills that become the foundation of academic success. We also ensure numeracy and literacy ability is fully developed to allow students to progress well in all their subjects. In upper school students opt for subjects that suit their aspirations and we support them throughout with wide enrichment opportunities that build their confidence.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum
The Key Stage 4 curriculum has been constructed on the belief that providing as much choice and as many opportunities as possible will help to ensure our students are successful and fully prepared to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing society.  We are fully committed to helping all our learners meet their potential, whatever that might be. For some this will come in the form of academic achievement at the highest level with 8 high GCSE grades. For others a more practical experience may result in a mix of GCSEs and vocational qualifications. Neither of these things is ‘better’ than the other. What is important is for the learner to succeed in a range of subjects that will help them progress further in education or towards a   career.  We hope that by working in partnership with students, parents and carers we can ensure that every child embarks on the very best courses possible to maximise their chances of academic and personal success.

At Hanson Academy all students will take courses in the following core subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum
As with Key Stage 4 our Key Stage 5 curriculum offers as much choice and as many opportunities as possible to ensure our Post 16 students are successful and fully prepared to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing society.  At Key Stage 5 students follow courses that lead to nationally recognised qualifications, usually A’ Level (academic and vocational courses).

In Year 11 all learners are carefully guided through the pathways process. GCSE resits in Maths and English are offered. We have a strong guidance and enrichment programme to build students confidence and increase their résumés in preparation for life beyond sixth form.

From September 2015 the specifications of the following subjects change as we move to a two year linear assessment system: English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology and History. Our remaining A Levels change in Sept 2016: Maths, Languages, Product Design and Geography. The AS is to become a stand alone qualification and will no longer be part of the overall A Level. Therefore students will embark on a two year course.  All our Post 16 students take at least three subjects, or equivalent BTEC component, plus one enrichment option. Some of our most able students take four A Levels. The options available to learners at Key Stage 5 are Level 3 qualifications and are broad, balanced.

Please see the document attached for a detailed breakdown.